Trade Remittances

Trade Remittances

Corporate clients can make sizable savings while remitting and avail a bouquet of benefits by signing up with ARIE. Stay ahead of competition by adding ease, speed and safety in all your money transfers. With state-of-the art services we give our business partners and corporate clients a competitive edge in the market.

By making ARIE your partner, you stand to avail exclusive benefits that are not provided by most financial Institutions don’t offer. Add to that are conveniences such as simple, one -time documentation, flexible working hours, dedicated relationship officers to ensure that we are always available to cater to all your business needs.

Outward Remittance

Connected to a wide network of more than 80 correspondent banks, ARIE facilitates foreign currency transfers in any part of the globe. With the assurance of best value for your money, we offer our customers in Dubai/UAE exchange to every major global currency. ARIE is a member of SWIFT that guarantees timely and prompt payments each time.

Foreign Currency Accounts

Enjoy the ease of transferring funds to your foreign currency bank account in the UAE with ARIE’s remittance services and be rest assured of the most competitive money exchange rate in Dubai.

Trade Remittances

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