Terms and Conditions
  • The Customer undertakes to abide by all the Rules/Regulations/Terms & Conditions governing products category i.e. Funds Transfer (TT) Demand Draft (DD) /Any others (whichever is applicable) of Al Rostamani International Exchange ( ARIE) which will be provided to the Customer upon demand. Payment of transferred funds is subjected to the rules of the country where the payment is to be made. ARIE and/or its correspondents or agents shall not be liable for any loss or delay caused on account of any act or order of a Government/Government agency or of force majeure. All charges/commissions outside UAE are for the beneficiary’s account unless otherwise specified and shall be deducted from the proceeds.

  • Customer confirms Remittances do not involve 3rd party transaction, Money Laundering or Terrorism Financing and shall indemnify and keep ARIE indemnified for any claim and damage related to the Customer's breach of this confirmation.

  • ARIE is not responsible for any incorrect information in the application once the remittance is released by the cashier. ARIE reserves the right to charge the Customer for any change done thereafter.

  • Ensure to count your money before leaving the cashier’s counter. No responsibility will be taken by ARIE afterwards. Currency once sold or bought could be returned only with a new transaction at the prevailing market rates.

  • ARIE reserves all the rights to execute transfers (EFT /IMT) via any of its correspondents (Banks or Financial Institutions). All applicable charges/taxes by its correspondents or beneficiary’s banks and / or intermediary banks will be deducted from the principal amounts of transfers. A confirmation of non-payment and cancellation of the original instruction is required from our correspondent before refund is made. ARIE has no liability as an agent towards any services provided by a third party. In any event ARIE shall have no liability to a customer or beneficiary except due to its willful negligence and the liability under any circumstances shall not exceed the amount remitted.

  • Transfers (EFT/IMT) are processed in the country of destination according to the beneficiary’s details given by the remitter. If any transfer is not executed by any of our correspondents due to improper beneficiary details or if incorrect details are given by the remitter, the responsibility of late payment, stop payment /refund charges, and amendment charges will rely on the remitter.

  • ARIE will not be held responsible, if any transfers (EFT/IMT) was not executed by ARIE's correspondents due to reasons beyond ARIEs control such as beneficiary’s A/C being closed or for legal reasons, etc. or due to the current situations at destination. However, if ARIE is able to get the funds returned from its correspondents, it will either resend these funds to a new address given by the remitter or the remitter will be refunded in U.A.E. Dirhams. It is understood by the Customer that this transaction is executed by ARIE subject to the condition that ARIE will not be held liable for delay/nonpayment/underpayment/non-delivery due to reasons beyond its control and disruption of communication system.

  • Remittance/demand draft/instant transfers against cheque/bank transfer will be released only after realization of funds. If the cheque is returned due to insufficiency of funds, ARIE has the right to cancel the transfer/demand draft, take any legal action against the remitter and hold the remitter responsible for all expenses in the process. Cheque return charges are also applicable in case of cheque returns.

  • Refunds-Demand Draft/ Instant money transfers/Electronic funds transfer/Online transfer will be effected as per the procedures of ARIE .The exchange rate for Refunds will be applied based on the applied rate on the date of issue or the prevailing buying rate at the date of reimbursement, whichever is lower. Cancellation of a transfer order may be acted upon if the payment has not been effected and if and only when ARIE is able to obtain refund from the beneficiary /correspondent bank. Charges debited by the correspondent and/ or beneficiary bank will be to the remitter’s account. Transaction fees shall not be refunded under any circumstances.

AML Declaration: I/we undertake, confirm and declare:

  • That the transaction dealt with by us/me is genuine & legal and the records maintained by us/me would facilitate answering of any queries, clarifications from any regulatory authorities.

  • The identity and address given for the transaction are confirmed and the fund involved in the transaction are not generated out of or used for any money laundering purpose or funding terrorist activities.

  • ARIE is not liable for any remittance transaction being blocked by the respective authorities, third parties, service providers, and corresponding banks in the send/receive countries.

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