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Cash Passport
How do people manage their expenses when they travel abroad? Most people carry Foreign Currency of the country they intend to visit. Some of them use Debit/Credit Cards issued by their banks. How many times have you heard people complain once they return from their travels

  1. I was robbed and lost all my money. It was a frightening experience
  2. I was told by Money Exchange Company at the destination country that the currency I am carrying is a counterfeit.
  3. I used my Debit/Credit card, but the bank charged me extremely high charges
  4. I used my Debit/Credit card, but the bank applied an out of the world exchange rate. I felt cheated
Al Rostamani International Exchange brings you “Cash Passport”, a multicurrency prepaid card. With Cash Passport you can now travel all over the world with complete peace of mind as it is a convenient, trusted and secure solution compared to carrying foreign currency cash or using your international Debit/Credit Cards issued by your bank in the UAE.

The Cash Passport card has the facility to load up to six currencies viz: US Dollars, Euros, Sterling Pounds, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars and Hong Kong Dollars. This ensures that you do not lose on account of foreign exchange fluctuations when you travel from one country to another. However in case of any shortage in any particular currency wallet, the system will recognize the shortage and fetch the required funds from the other currency wallet automatically eliminating the risk of a rejection.

Some of the other features of the card are:

Feature Benefit to the customer
Security Chip and PIN protected – Added security for the customer
Exchange Rate The exchange rate is locked when the load/reload is done – facilitates customer to use the card worldwide without having to worry about exchange rate fluctuations.
  • Withdraw cash from any MasterCard ATM [withdrawal limits of the banks ATMs may apply]
  • Can be used at POS terminals for a purchase of a product or a service
  • Can be used for all online purchases
Prevention of online hacking Cash Passport is not linked to any bank account. Hence fraudsters will not be able to access your hard earned funds maintained with any bank
Value addition In case of loss of card, the customer is required to do the following
  • Report loss of card to their 24*7 global call centre
  • Emergency cash will be made available at the nearest “MoneyGram” or “Western Union” payout location free of cost after necessary validation.
  • Replacement card will be sent to the customer within 24 to 72 hours, or as per the customers’ requirements.

For more details call:
Dubai: 04-366 9922 | Sharjah: 06 561 4656 | Abu Dhabi: 02 643 0643


What is a multicurrency prepaid travel card

Multicurrency pr​epaid travel card is similar to a Debit Card, where you load money on the card in advance and you can use it for your expenses while travelling abroad, however in a multicurrency travel card, you can load money in multiple currencies, which means you get to use the same currency of the country you are in. Cash Passport has the facility to load 6 currencies - USD/EUR/STG/CAD/AUD/HKD

Who can buy Cash Passport multicurrency prepaid travel card

Any resident of the UAE, over the age of 18, and intending to travel abroad can buy Cash Passport.

Which customers will find this product useful

  • Customers/families travelling abroad for leisure, visiting relatives.
  • Officials from Govt Depts /Corporates when they travel abroad for business related purposes
  • Students from schools/colleges when they travel abroad for either higher education or for leisure

Where can I use the Cash Passport card

It can be used to
  • Withdraw cash from any MasterCard ATM
  • Can be used at POS terminals for purchase of a product or a service
  • Can be used for online purchases

Will I lose on foreign exchange fluctuations when I use Cash Passport abroad

The exchange rate is locked when you load/reload the card with any of those available currencies facilitating you to charge it in those respective countries without any loss on account of foreign exchange as well as can be used in other countries where the currency conversion margin is fixed.

What are the advantages of Cash Passport over carrying Foreign Currency [Cash]

Feature Cash Cash Passport
Bulky Carrying large amounts of Foreign Currency cash can be inconvenient and bulky Cash is loaded on a single card making it convenient and safe
Not secure Cash can easily be stolen/misplaced. Card is Chip and PIN protected. Hence even if the card is lost, no one else will be able to use it
Inconvenient Have to keep different Foreign Currency for each country of visit. Six currencies can be loaded in a single card.
Recourse in case of loss Cash lost is gone for ever You are entitled to Emergency Cash and replacement card in case of loss of card

What are the advantages of Cash Passport over international Debit/Credit Cards

Feature Debit/Credit Cards Cash Passport
Fees and charges High fees when debit/credit card is used for cash withdrawals at ATMs abroad usually as a percentage of withdrawn amount Charges are fixed and economical
Exchange rate fluctuations The exchange rate will be applied at the time of transaction. Customer will know the rate only once he receives his statement/checks online No exchange rate fluctuation since the rates are locked at the time of loading/reloading the card.
Number of currencies Debit/Credit cards are denominated in AED. Cash Passport is a multicurrency card with option of loading in six currencies
Recourse in case of lost card Debit/Credit cards can be replaced only once you are back in the UAE You will be sent a replacement card in your location free of cost

Features Cash Passport Competitor 1 Competitor 2
Currencies Load up to 6 currencies – US$, EUR, GBP, AU$, CA$, HK$ US$, EUR, GBP, INR, AU$, SAR, CA$, CHF, THB, SG$, MYR, EGP, TRL, ZAR, HK$ – choose up to 6 out of 15 Single-currency – USD & AED
Chip & PIN Yes Yes No (Mag stripe)
Customer Service 24x7 IVR, Call Centre & Online banking 24 hour Call Centre 8.30am – 9pm (UAE time
Additional Cards 1 additional card available No maximum 3 cards allowed
Replacement Cards Free if cardholder is travelling $10 USD Not available
Emergency Telephone Numbers Toll free numbers supplied UAE caller paid number or call back option with up to 2 hour wait UAE caller paid number
Emergency Cash Service (ECS) Free for cardholder No No
Emergency Card Replacement (ECR) Free for cardholder No No
Card Validity 5 years 3 years Standard card – 1 year
Premium card – 3 years
Activation Instant issuance 3 hours wait for Non-personalized card
7-10 days for Personalized card
Via online or phone
Maximum Balance allowed on card (in any one time) US$10,000 $5,000 (card balance must not exceed this amount at any one time) US$ 3,000 non-personalized card & US$5,000 personalized card
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