To fulfill the needs of our remittance business, we hold direct drawing arrangements with over 80 correspondent banks worldwide. Our services include electronic fund transfers to anywhere in the world, issuances of Demand Drafts in over 40 different currencies.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
Through our well-established network of over 90  correspondent banks worldwide, our Electronic Funds Transfer service allows you to swiftly and accurately send money to anywhere in the world. So if you're looking for international money transfer, visit any of our branches across the UAE.

Demand Draft (DD)
Our Demand Draft services offer a convenient and cost effective method of transferring money direct to your beneficiary. Simply order a Demand Draft and send it back home for any activity, including application payments, tenders and school & college fees.

Inward Remittance
Our Inward Transfer facility focuses on convenience. This beneficial service allows funds located in various regions around the globe to be accessed within the UAE. Our services are offered to both our retail and commercial customers and are provided at competitive rates and charges.

* Available in all major currencies, including; USD, STG and EUR.

Send money to Egypt faster and safer
Send money to your family & friends in Egypt faster than ever before. We offer excellent services to Egypt, whereby your beneficiary can receive the money
in their bank account in Egypt within 2 hours*
Terms and Conditions:
1.     Low transfer fee of AED 15
2.     No back end charges. The beneficiary will receive the full amount without any deductions
3.     *In order to receive the money on the same day, transactions is to be processed
         before 1pm (UAE time)

Instant Money
We also act as an agent for international instant money products, including:

The ideal service when you want to send instant cash to relatives, family or employees overseas within minutes.  The MoneyGram service enable cash collection at over 320,000 agent locations in over 198 countries worldwide. The MoneyGram offers both SEND and RECEIVE service in minutes - without the need for a bank account. Call or visit Al Rostamani International Exchange now to find out the service offer, agent locations where the find transfer to be sent along with the best exchange rates.​

The Xpress Money service offers instant fund transfers through more than 170,000 agent locations in over 150 countries worldwide. With fees as low as AED25 and no back-end charges, funds can be transferred in more than 32 international currencies through this simple and affordable process.

A unique feature to this service is the telephonic notification system that provides SMS notifications to both the beneficiary and remitter when funds are either transferred or received.

The Sigue Money Transfer service offers distribution of funds - both sending and receiving - through more than 8400 agent locations in more than 75 countries worldwide. With no back-end charges, exchange rates are fixed at the time of transfer and payment is made in the local currency. The Global Card - a unique loyalty card - is offered free to all send transaction customers, offering a 5% discount on all charges.

An online-based money transfer product offered by Everest Bank Limited, with over 150 paying agents through 24 branches across the nation. Everest Remit provides comprehensive coverage of Nepal and has received remarkable success throughout the Middle East region, quickly spreading its influence across the globe.

Offered by Himalayan Bank Limited (joint venture with Habib Bank Limited of Pakistan), Himal Remit is an online customer focused & technology orientated money transfer product with more than 200 paying agents in Nepal. With more than 11 years experience in the Retail Money Transfer business, Himalayan Bank Limited has expanded their network to all major cities, town and villages in Nepal.

Inter Emirate Fund Transfer (IEFT)
Similar to the Instant Money service, our IEFT facility allows you to transfer money to your loved ones in minutes through cash payouts at any of our branches around the UAE.
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