Mission / Vision

To be the leading money exchange in the UAE, offering the best currency exchange rates, following ethical business practices while earning the respect of all our stake holders.


أن نكون إحدى شركات الصرافة الرائدة في الدولة التي تتبع ممارسات العمل الأخلاقية مع كسب احترام جميع أصحاب المصلحة  و الجهات المعنية الرئيسية لدينا.


We will be a customer oriented and value creating company. Being a financial services company, we will achieve our vision with commitment and passion through innovation and technology and in an environment of fairness, honesty and courtesy towards stakeholders.


سنكون شركة تركز على خدمة العملاء بكل الجوانب و تضيف قيمة لكل الجوانب. وباعتبارنا شركة خدمات مالية، فسوف نحقق رؤيتنا بالالتزام و الشغف، من خلال الابتكار و تطبيق أحدث وسائل التكنولوجيا في بيئة تتسم بالإنصاف والصدق والكياسة تجاه أصحاب المصلحة و الجهات المعنية الرئيسية لدينا. 

Quality Policy:
We are committed to deliver our services in professional, reliable and timely manner with an eye on the quality & standards.
We shall continually strive to improve our Knowledge, Technology & Processes in order to exceed the expectations of our stakeholders and comply with the statutory requirements.

سياسة الجودة

نلتزم بتقديم أعلى مستويات الجودة بشكل احترافي وموثوق وفي الوقت المناسب.

سنعمل بإستمرار على تحسين معرفتنا وتقنياتنا وعملياتنا من أجل تلبية توقعات أصحاب المصلحة  و الجهات المعنية الرئيسية لدينا. والإمتثال للمتطلبات القانونية.

Al Rostamani International Exchange is committed to providing exceptional services and deliver quality, reliable and timely financial solutions to our customers.

We shall continually strive to improve our performance through:

• Setting and reviewing measurable quality objectives and adhering to them.

• Establishing a Quality Management System conforming to International Organization of Standardization.

• Adhering to all applicable local and international regulatory requirements.

• Continuous enhancements to our technology and processes that allow us to exceed the customers’ expectations.

• Ensuring genuineness of the currencies we trade in.

• Working hard to provide our customers with best exchange rates Dubai & UAE market can provide.

• Handling customers’ enquiries & transactions in efficient way (as per agreed Turn Around Times and SLA).

• We serve our customers fairly, with courtesy, respect and smile as per the published working hours

• We will ensure to provide our services thorough trained, skilled and helpful team that is equipped with the required knowledge and tools.

• We exceedingly value our relationship with partners and customers.

• We will cater to our customers’ needs professionally and to the best of our ability.

• Appreciate and treat our customers with mutual respect. We ensure our customers will be served in timely manner with error-free services.

• We will provide the most competitive fees and best exchange rate today and every day, in Dubai & UAE.

• We will ensure to help our customers when they needs us.

• We will always be open and transparent with our customers.

• We will respond to our customers’ requirements in a timely manner without a delay.

• We guarantee the genuineness of all Currencies that we trade.

• We will provide our customers with multi-channel services and ensure that we service them at their convenience, whenever possible.

• We will keep customers’ money and information protected and safe.


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